In the name of the saying ”Whoever saves one life saves the world entire” , we Foundation ”4 Zambia” are committed to improve the current living conditions in Zambia. 

We focus on two important basic pillars. First we aim to support education, because we believe that education is the steppingstone to success in life.  Second we strive for improvements in healthcare, as better healthcare leads to a better life expectancy. 

”Whoever saves one life saves the world entire” (The Talmud)

These goals are to be achieved in cooperation with the locals and local initiatives in Zambia. The currently excising contacts in Zambia are of great importance here, because these can indicate where support is desired.

The Foundation ”Stichting Love and Care for Zambia” is located in the municipality of Ommen, the Netherlands.
Address: Westerweg 19, 7685PL Beerzerveld, Netherlands.

Triodosbank: NL43TRIO0254642500
KvK: 08159171
ANBI geregistreerd, RSIN 8179.29.113

On behalf of the board:
G. Baan-Vinke (president)
J. Brünink-Vinke (secretary)
C. Brünink (treasurer)
M.A. Mentink-Baan (general board member)
M. Brünink (general board member