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Jan Heuver has been active as an entrepreneur in tires his entire working life. Partly under his leadership, the Heuver family business grew into a major international player. And although Jan has traded many car, truck and other types of tires over the years and will never lose his love for black rubber, it is still a ‘different’ tire that has always given him his energy, convinced him and motivated: the personal bond. The bond from person to person. Personal ties with his family and friends, but also with customers and suppliers. And, perhaps most importantly, the bonds with his employees have always been the ultimate motivation for him to commit more than 100% to his company.

Since leaving the family business in 2016, Jan Heuver has not stood still. That’s actually not for him either. When he received the Jan! from his employees at Heuver Bandengroothandel! Foundation as a tribute, this was a bull’s eye. He can also channel the passion and pleasure that he has always put into his work into the Foundation.


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