Project week two 🌞

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We continue laying bricks on the chicken coop. In the meantime, the women continue to work with all the fabrics in the Cooperative, they are becoming increasingly comfortable with the electric sewing machines. They make skirts, children’s blouses and shirts, but also souvenirs. The Woman’s Cooperative has been renamed ‘Bwelelo Multi purpose Cooperative’ and thus serves the community even more broadly. Women in the rural area of ​​Miloso can register to participate. In the future they also want to make school uniforms and overalls.

💻 We brought twelve laptops, these were sponsored by Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. The first few go to the Health Post, where we explain how to use the laptops with the help of a projector. The projector is sponsored by Evelien’s school, OBS de Smeltkroes.

🎒 On Wednesday we visit Gerda in Mkushi. Gerda is from the Umutima Foundation, which has been active with a nutrition center for over 12 years. Children from single-parent families can come here for a second meal. She is busy building a school with the Umutima foundation, which is almost opening! This will be Zambia’s first private school where no tuition is charged, aimed at children from poor families. Read more about this at

🌱 On Thursday afternoon the roof goes on the chicken coop. And then we still have an important part of our project to visit. Michael takes us to the communal agricultural land near the Mkushi River ‘the Miloso Garden’. A beautiful piece of land where corn, tomatoes and various vegetables are now grown. Near the river, the section with the sponsored water pump is powered by solar panels.

🍌 On Friday we visit the banana farm of Rouby and Sellie, a couple who do a lot for the community. They have a fantastic garden with fruit that we can pick from. In the afternoon it is time to hand out all the Buffalo bikes! We’ll make it a party with pancakes for everyone. The community has chosen which people will be assigned a bicycle. Emotional reactions and beautiful to see how much joy they are received with.

👷‍♂️ On Saturday we will roll up our sleeves again and start plastering the chicken coop. In the afternoon we will explain the laptops again, this time at the Miloso Secondary School. Back to church on Sunday, then we have dinner with everyone we work with. A very nice way to celebrate our time together here! The ladies recite a self-written song.

🛍 On Monday we start packing, which gives us mixed feelings! We hand out certificates to the ladies of Cooperative and the builders of the chicken coop. In the evening we watch the sunset at the river. And then it’s time to go again and we leave Miloso early Tuesday morning.

It was an unforgettable time, where we were able to do a lot together and make even more memories ❤️