The waterbassin

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One of the projects worked on by the group in Miloso last April is a water basin. There is a piece of agricultural land half an hour’s drive from Miloso. This land is located on the Mkushi River. The river naturally provides water for the crops, with the great advantage that it can be rained all year round.

The water from the river is pumped over the land using a pump. There is a hill in the middle of the plot of land. The wish of the people who work on the land was to have a basin on this hill so that they can spread the water over the crops from this higher point. With the help of gravity, this costs a lot less energy than before.

No sooner said than done; Together with the population we collected stones (and lifted them one by one), a foundation was poured and we built a bassin! And where we Dutch walked with two or three stones, the Zambians immediately took 4 or 5 up with them. There was a lot of laughter while working with the men, with every now and then a little bit of competition arising between the Netherlands and the Zambians.

Below is a video that we received afterwards of the end result.