Trip to Miloso, march 2024

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Next year we will visit Miloso again! That is why we started project 2024, which we explain in more detail here. The residents of Miloso are already busy with the preparations, other parts of the project will be carried out on site in March.

The project consists of the following parts

Food security and thus contributing to social security in Miloso is currently the spearhead of our project. Due to climate change and more extreme weather conditions, food security is not always self-evident, and is therefore an important theme to contribute to. Together with the locals we have therefore come up with the following ideas:

Water pump on solar panels
There is a shared piece of agricultural land in Miloso of no less than 18 hectares. This land is owned by the community, the residents can work here and share the proceeds with each other. Water is needed to grow properly here. The more extreme rainfall falls on dry ground and is not absorbed well. The residents have thought about a solution. By using the adjacent river, regular watering can be provided. This way the water is better absorbed into the soil.
To arrange this properly, we sponsored a water pump on solar panels.

This has already been made possible by Jan! Foundation. Read more about this on our sponsor page.

Chicken project
The second part of the food security project is to start a chicken farm. They want to start with 250 chickens with the intention of expanding in the future. The broiler chickens are for food and the manure can be put on the land.

We are still looking for sponsorship to help build a chicken coop and purchase the chickens! That’s why we started the campaign, Donate a Chicken!
“Buy a Zambian chicken. For 7 euros*, you contribute to food security in Miloso.”

€7 is a symbolic amount for one chicken, including food and shelter. Any other amount is also welcome!

Bicycle project
Expansion of the Buffalo bikes
In addition to the spearhead of food security, we will also continue with the project we started in 2022: the buffalo bikes. These bicycles are now widely used in the community by students to reach school, or by entrepreneurs to transport goods.
Miloso wants to increase the number of bicycles, and we also want to improve some parts of the bicycles. We will, among other things, replace the bearings of the bicycles for a more sand- and dust-proof version.

Through the sponsorship of the Jan! In any case, we can expand Foundation with 3 bicycles.
With the help of a private sponsor, we can currently purchase a fourth bicycle.